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Breathe! You are in Pays de Vire, Calvados.

Panorama on the bocage hills, Vire.

What could be more beautiful than a sunken lane bordered by a wooded hedge or a valley where picturesque villages nestle secretly! Thanks to the sun, the rain and clouds and discover each day a different landscape. Hills as far as the eye can see undulate like the waves of an ocean of greenery. In the hollows of this verdant swell meander, lazy or fiery, the rivers with crystal clear waters, then suddenly, they thread themselves in gorges with vertiginous walls of granite, like the Vire River. A land of springs and streams, all these waters end up settling into bodies of water, ponds and lakes like La Dathée Lake or Le Gast Lake.

Located between the Paris Basin, to the north, with its plains and plateaus, and byn the mountains of the Armorican granite massif, to the south, the Pays de Vire is characterized by hedged landscapes offering all these shades of green: from the deep greens of the wooded massifs of the forests of Saint-Sever and Valcongrain, to the light greens from the groves and moorlands of Mont Pinçonn (highest point of Calvados (365 m)), and the tender greens of the wet meadows.

Hiking in Saint-Sever forest

Pays de Vire is rich in heritage and tourism (valleys of the Souleuvre, Vire, Odon or Druance’s river …). Everywhere, you will discover an atmosphere of an authentic and unusual bocage, leaving a large choice for the hikers: immersion on foot in one of the 60 hiking trails or in discovery on the green way towards the Mont-Saint-Michel, so called « the Merveille », or riding with a mountain bike on technical and winding trails, riding a horse for a fantastic ride, or on a canoe in the calm or tumultuous waters of Souleuvre or Vire’s river.

Here are our favorite walks:

You will understand, there is something for everyone! Alone, in couple or with your family or in group. You will choose your formula, then the magic of the territory will transform your stay into an unforgettable moment.

Dathée Lake, for a family trip, easy and accessible with a stroller.

Odon river’s balcony, for a hike that everyone can reach, with beautiful panoramas of the grove.

On the Bruyères path, is a long circuit for experienced hikers.

Contact us, we are at your disposal to give you personal advices and our own favorites. Our passion has no limit!

Enjoy your stay in the Pays de Vire 🌿

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Article published on lundi 7 septembre 2020