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Local products and crafts

Renowned product of our gastronomy: The Andouille de Vire

The Pays de Vire is known for its traditional andouille. A real jewel in the crown of Norman gastronomy, it differs from its neighbor the andouille of Guéméné by its irregular marbling. The Authentic Andouille of Vire is made of pork chops cut in thin strips, put in brine and smoked with beech wood. It is appreciated for its delicately smoked flavor as well as for the convivial moments it is associated with. Every year, it is honored at the Andouille Fair in Vire during the All Saints’ Day weekend. In addition to sublimating this product, Lesouef, Asselot and Paul Danjou share their passion with you.

The Pays de Vire is also the birthplace of the Degrenne house. In 1948, Guy Degrenne revolutionized tableware by making goldsmithing accessible to all. Today, the brand’s new products continue to be developed in the region: Degrenne is writing the history of Normandy, which has become a French history.

The Bocage region is full of other quality local products: dairy and apple products. These emblematic flavors resonate in the Norman imagination. Butter, cream, cheese, cider and calvados delight the taste buds of the finest gourmets. We can also count on producers of escargot, liqueur, vegetables, honey, beer and meat.

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