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The Monument to the Deportees and the Shot – Montchamp

During the Second World War, the town of Montchamp was the scene of fierce resistance to the Nazi occupier.
Among the prisoners slaughtered at Caen prison on the morning of June 6, 1944, 10 were from Montchamp, including the mayor Henri Morel.

After the war, it was decided to erect in memory of the victims shot or died in deportation, a monument recalling their sacrifice. The town of Montchamp was retained by the committee in charge of the file, due to the large proportion of the number of victims in relation to the population.

The wall is named after 60 victims from 27 municipalities in the Vire district. The site was inaugurated on June 7, 1953 by General de Gaulle.

The large sculpture is the work of Alfred-Auguste Janniot, a student and then a professor at the School of Fine Arts in Paris.


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