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Our best plans for Christmas

The end of the year celebrations are the ideal occasion to get together with your family around good meals. Chicken, foie gras, gingerbread and liquors will delight your guests. In this article, we give you all the good addresses to make a delicious banquet from local products. Let’s not forget the ideas to decorate the table or to offer gifts to your friends and family.

Buy fresh and local foods

Do you like duck foie gras on a bed of gingerbread? La Ferme de Linoudel in Danvou-la-Ferrière sells raw foie gras, half-cooked in a jar, sterilized, from 62€ per kilo. Our beekeepers Apiariy and picking of the Poterie in Vassy and Les Ruchers du Bocage Virois in Saint-Germain-de-Tallevende make their gingerbread from 4,20€ to 6,50€ per unit. For those with a sweet tooth, La Ferme du Refuge in Fontenermont will add a little sweetness to your appetizer with its onion confit, original jams or jellies made with dandelions, elderberries or red fruits.

If you prefer gastropods, Odon snails in Saint-Georges-d’Aunay will satisfy you and make you aware of heliciculture. Find the dozen escargots stuffed with garlic butter in shells, crunchy and in mini-bites from 6,60€.

For the main dish, Ferme de Linoudel sells duck meat in various forms: aiguillettes, duck breast, thighs as well as organic chickens. As a side dish or in the center of your dishes, rely on our vegetable producers: L’Gardin Partageo in Torteval-Quesnay for organic vegetables, La Ferme du Refuge for lacto-fermented vegetables, « Les Radis de Vassy » Farm in Vassy for market gardening on living soil and Apiariy and picking of the Poterie in Vassy.

A Norman Christmas is always accompanied by cheese! Go to the Bergerie de la Souleuvre in Carville for fresh cheeses, tome and feta from sheep. The D’Uo farm in Coulonces will delight you with its tommes and cheeses made from cow’s milk. Naturellement Normande in Landelles-et-Coupigny is known for its delicious camembert. Goat cheese – Les Chèvres de la Saffrie in Montchamp make crottins, ash pyramids and ash ingots from the milk of their goats. La Chèvreline goat farm in Vassy offers you crottins flavored with figs and caramelized almonds. And for more completeness, the roundabout cheese dairy in Vire offers a wide range of local and foreign cheeses.

A touch of sweetness to finish your meal? In this case, stop by the pastry and chocolate shop Aux douceurs de Martilly in Vire. The Ruchers du Bocage Virois in Saint-Germain-de-Tallevende will also delight you with their various nougats and in particular their new recipe with M&M’s while Apiariy and picking of the Poterie makes honey-based chocolates.

A shot of cider with all this? Very well! Meet our cider makers Cider products by Nicolas Mette in Mesnil-Caussois and Domaine de Romilly in Vassy and discover their brut or demi-sec ciders. Otherwise, let yourself be seduced by the freshness of their farm apple juice. The amateurs of strong alcohols, will also find pommeau and calvados.

In Cahagnes, Loterot Saveurs sublimates calvados in its liquorist’s workshop: Crème de Calvados®, Fée Bleue, Drakking, NorSud and other liqueurs made on site will delight you.

If you prefer hops, take a look at our breweries: Mobsby beers in Saint-Germain-de-Tallevende and Hommey Brewery in Livry.

And finally, if the apple and the hops leave you indifferent, then go to La Cave du Bénit in Le Beny-Bocage for multiple gustatory discoveries: wines and spirits and whisky cellar.

To eat in or take away: find the list of restaurants with holiday menus.

Set an elegant table

Find your happiness in the forest with fir branches, pine cones, mistletoe branches, holly and our partners come to your rescue to make a pretty table!

The Degrenne factory store in Vire offers a wide range of cutlery, china, glassware, culinary, cutlery, decoration and table linen. Discover also jugs, cups, salad bowls and culinary earthenware at Trompe Souris Pottery in Montamy.

Gifts 100% Pays de Vire

Find a real Santa’s list of local gifts:

Article published on vendredi 10 décembre 2021