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Permanent orientation course - Saint-Sever-Calvados

Equipment types : Orientation trail

Permanent orientation course – Saint-Sever-Calvados

The orienteering race on this permanent orienteering course, is a leisure activity which consists in discovering beacons (or punching terminals) located on the ground by the path of your choice, using a map and possibly of a compass. The beacons are wooden bollards allowing to check if one is in the right place and a « coded » clamp to validate the passage to the beacon.
That of St Sever has 3 levels of practice:
Blue: to discover the orienteering race and learn to read a map. The tags are on the paths or very close. (approx. 3.2 km – beacons 31 to 40)
Yellow: already requires a little practice of orienteering and allows you to get out of the way. (approx. 3.7 km – markers 41 to 50)
Orange: circuit reserved for those who master the reading and handling of the card. (approx. 5 km – beacons 51 to 60)

Where to buy route maps and punching cards?
– At the Tourist Office of Pays de Vire in Vire Normandie – Tel. : 02 31 66 28 50
– At l’Etape en Forêt, route du Vieux Château in St Sever-Calvados – Tel. : 09 67 73 16 76


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