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Albizia Mystery in Livry

Albizia Mystery in Livry

For several years now, the Albizia Normandy Domain has been working with various start-ups in Caen to create unique and immersive games. We can offer you four different formats adapted to your desires. Thus, you can enhance your stay with unique and playful experiences where the gardens of the Domaine Albizia become a real playground.
With family, friends, colleagues or during your EVJF-EVG you will find the best formula for your day. And why not extend the experience by staying at the Domaine Albizia in one of its guest rooms or unusual accommodation and enjoy a brunch or a meal made to measure.

Concerning games, we offer 3 playful experiences by reservation only:
– An immersive and fun escape room, our Escape-Game is designed to immerse 2 to 15 players simultaneously. The sessions are always private. Ideal for families, friends and colleagues.
This game allows you to develop a common strategy to free yourself in 60 minutes! Here, your ability to deduce, solve riddles and build theories will make the difference. The only question is: « Are you ready?

– A treasure hunt in augmented reality, the hallucinotron can be played by 2 to 100 players.Ideal for families, friends or colleagues, it allows you to solve riddles via tablets, to survey the 3 hectares of park in « treasure map » mode…
You will have to develop a strategy to lead your team to success! Every second counts, time is running out.
Who will find the treasure buried by the creatures of the labyrinth?

– A unique and immersive experience, Room 1424, a room in a wooden hut at the bottom of the park for 2 to 4 people where the game and a funny story take over…
You start in the labyrinth of the domain, then you will be led into the antechamber, a place that sets the tone of your game but shhh…
If you like to play and test your puzzle-solving skills in a very strange setting, you’ve come to the right place.
Room 1424 can be played in the evening by spending the night there or during the day with an adapted cycle.

On site, you can visit the remarkable gardens, and enjoy a brunch and tea room.



Base rate : 25,00 €


Période(s) d'ouverture(s)

    • from 01/01/2023 to 31/12/2023

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