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For gourmets

Pays de Vire, a destination for traditional flavors!

View of the Andouille Asselot store in Vire

Discover the Route des Traditions which brings together local producers and artisans wishing to share their know-how and products. Then stop in Vire to taste the famous Andouille de Vire, dine in a renowned gourmet restaurant or enter a cider house to taste a traditional cider aged in oak barrels. Did you know that the Guy Degrenne factory store was located in Vire and that you could therefore do very good business?

The Route of Traditions

The Route des Traditions is an association of producers and artisans who wish to discover their trades, their products and their territory in the Pays de Vire | Hills of Normandy. Each of the producers and artisans welcomes visitors to their site of activity to showcase their facilities and explain their manufacturing methods. Possibility of purchase on site. Among the producers and artisans, you will find:

La Bergerie de la Souleuvre, La Ferme de Linoudel, La Brasserie du Hommey, the Goats of Saffrie, The Snails of Odon, Le Domaine de Romilly, Eden Carnivore, Andouille Asselot, La Ferme du Loterot, La Sinelle Pottery, Au P’tit Bio, the Ferme du Pont Esnault …

More information on the Route des Traditions website.

The andouille de Vire

A true flagship of Norman gastronomy, Andouille de Vire owes its fame to artisanal production resulting from 18th century know-how.

It is made up of pork chops cut into thin strips put in brine for 10 days, then the andouille is formed by assembling the strips homogeneously so that it is neither too fat nor too lean and it is embossed in a Chaudin. Old-fashioned smoke, beech wood, for a minimum of 3 weeks, the andouille takes on a blackish envelope. The andouilles are soaked for 2 days for desalting, then cooked for 6 hours in a court-bouillon, possibly flavored with spices. After cooling, the andouilles are packaged.

It is appreciated as an appetizer with bread and butter, or cut into thin slices accompanied by mustard and pickles or on a pancake with buckwheat flour. It can also be eaten hot with mashed potatoes, or accommodated in puff pastry and can also accompany a cassoulet or sauerkraut. When cut, we can see irregular marbling of a more or less dark brown.

Be curious, go and taste the andouille de Vire at the producers! Maison Paul Danjou a stone’s throw from Porte-Horloge, Andouille Asselot or Andouille Lesouef welcome you to their company to make you discover their real traditional Andouille de Vire. Most offer a wide choice of products from the Normandy region as well as tours of the workshop on request for groups.

Gourmet Restaurants

In Vire and its surroundings, there are three gourmet restaurants. Wouldn’t this be an opportunity to have fun and taste traditional dishes and tasty creations?

Valérie and Michael Walh, recognized as master restaurateur since 2015, welcome you to their restaurant Au Vrai Normand, in a refined setting. Working with raw and fresh products, they will offer you Norman specialties and traditional gastronomic cuisine.

The Hôtel de France restaurant will prepare homemade dishes for you, offering regional cuisine with a slate menu for lunch and a bistronomic menu in the evening.

The Manoir de la Pommeraie restaurant, located in the idyllic setting of an 18th century manor house, nicely wooded with century-old trees, near Vire, offers refined gourmet cuisine. The creative cuisine of Chef Julien Guérard and his wife Masako, a pastry Chef from Japan, focuses on seasonal regional products with sometimes exotic flavors. He obtained the title of Maître Restaurateur, Gault et Millau (young talent in 2019) and Bib gourmand.

There is definitely something to delight your taste buds in the Pays de Vire !


Hôtel de France à Vire

Many hotels, lodges or guest rooms can welcome you in or around Vire. Among them, the Hôtel de France, the Hôtel St-Pierre and the Campanile.

Guy Degrenne

Did you know that the Guy Degrenne factory store was located in Vire? This is the perfect opportunity to renew your dishes and tableware !! The boutique is open year round with a wide selection of cutlery, porcelain, glassware and table decorations at very affordable prices for the prestigious brand.

A little further:

Visit the Mette cider house in Le Mesnil-Caussois, just 15 minutes from Vire and taste its farmhouse cider, made with old varieties of apples and aged in traditional oak barrels, it is definitely worth a visit!

In the shop, discover ancient Norman objects linked to this activity as well as its other productions such as apple juice, Norman aperitif, Calvados and its jellies.

Find below the whole list of suggestions for you gourmets !

Enjoy your stay in the Pays de Vire 🌿

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Article published on vendredi 18 septembre 2020