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St-Charles-de-Percy military cemetery

In this cemetery of Saint Charles de Percy lie the bodies of 809 Commonwealth soldiers. The majority of the soldiers resting in this place were killed during Operation Bluecoat (between July 30 and August 7), launched from Caumont-l’Eventé towards Vire. They mainly belonged to the 53rd Welsh Infantry Division and Guards Armored Division.

Built on the site of the fighting, it was inaugurated on June 9, 1948. It is now the property of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

Entrance is through a colonnaded porch, the register of the dead is in the left pavilion. The Cross of Sacrifice separates the two blocks of tombs. The tombstones are identical and bear the national or regimental emblem, rank or unit, date of death and age, a religious or non-religious symbol, and a dedication chosen by the family.


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