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Church of Saint-Charles-de-Percy

Until the 18th century, the inhabitants of Saint Charles de Percy were part of the parish of Montchamp. In 1778 Charles, Lord of Percy, with the authorization of the bishop of Bayeux created the parish of Saint-Charles-de-Percy from the dismemberment of a quarter of the parish of Montchamp. In 1780, a letter patent from King Louis XVI confirmed the creation of the new parish.

Charles then built a new parish church at his expense in 1778. He died in 1782 and was buried, as he wished, at the foot of the church tower. His tombstone was, in 2010, installed on a granite support, facing the church portal.

Saint Charles Borromeo is the patron saint of the church, who was archbishop of Milan and cardinal of the Catholic Church and. Recognized for his exemplarity and the attention he paid either poor or sick. He treated the plague victims himself when the plague ravaged Milan in 1576. He was beatified in 1610.

The church is in the shape of a Latin cross, the bell tower is topped with an imperial roof. It contains remarkable 18th century rock-style woodwork.

The building has been listed as a Historic Monument since 2006.


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