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Church of Cahagnes

On June 28, 1944, the Germans destroyed the church with 32 boxes of explosives so that it would not serve as a landmark for the Allied artillery.

The church was rebuilt between 1962 and 1966 according to the plans of the Swiss architect Hermann Baur who became known internationally for the construction of the Church of All Saints of Basel, designed entirely in concrete, with a very refined style. , without decoration, and with an unusual volume for the time

The Church of the Nativity of Notre Dame has a very slender vibrated concrete bell tower resembling that of Bale. The building is characterized by a single volume, breaking with the provisions previously adopted in the churches.

The stained glass windows were made by François Chapuis (1928-2002), he designed many stained glass windows for churches in the provinces and in Paris, part of the movement for the renewal of sacred art after the Second World War.


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